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Tower Defense with a twist or two

The world you see is a virtuality. The AI of a scouting ship, Pau Ataua, was investigating the small moon of a distant gas giant. The seemingly dormant remains included an intact memory core. The AI connected to the memory core, inside a virtuality to ensure its own safety. The memory core's defense systems kicked in - pushing packet after packet of hostile data to the AI's own core. Thus you must construct defenses and save yourself.


The endless horde of enemies keep getting tougher, and you are the one to stop them. You will build and upgrade towers to make them stronger. What's unique about Power Tower is the function of the core, the very object you are protecting from the virus is also an active and helpful element. By spending your hard earned energy on the core upgrades, it grows, literally but also in relation to its usefulness. Giving you extra powers to use against the virus as well as -perhaps- extending the track.


MMB Middle mouse button - Pan the view

RMB Right mouse button - Rotate the view

LMB Left mouse button - Select building blocks, upgrade towers, and collect energy

Mouse wheel up/down - Select the tower type to be built

Space bar - Center camera

ESC Escape - Pause the game

main menu

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Version 0.1.master.power-tower.release.d5382f72.4-2019-04-01T21:23:47+00:00
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Version 0.1.master.power-tower.release.d5382f72.4-2019-04-01T21:24:28+00:00
.itch.toml 53 bytes
Version 0.1.master.power-tower.release.d5382f72.4-2019-04-01T21:23:46+00:00

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