Update 1 - Turrets, feel and mechanics.

Power Tower

New things flying in!

Since the official creation of this game page, till now there has been an unmistakable myriad of changes!

What's the game got now?

  • Creeps spawning
  • Implemented energy pick ups, that will randomly drop from destroyed enemies
  • Turret system (types, upgrades, destruction)
  • Camera controls (spin, move, grab, limit)
  • Stylish main menu that will rock your socks!

Let's take a closer look at the turret for now, the laser one:

Laser turret

MagicaVoxel at it's best

As you can see I went wild there, also in the above posted screenshot you'll notice this very tower was used in game. I soon realized that I not only went a bit overboard with the voxel and dimension, took a deep breath a started piling parts away.

There much better.

Having a tower that was congruent with the game graphically, I was happy and decided to move onto the next step. More tower models!

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